hey there!

When I first registered adamhong.com it was purely driven by territory. The idea that someone might own my name, and sell it doesn't sit well with me. To prevent the possibility of my name being sold, I made the transaction possible: I purchased it. As I wish to mark my territory in the virtual world I must keep paying, perpetually, because once I stop my name will be up for grabs again, in my own mind. Supply and fear, not demand—Capitalism redefined. Doesn't that make you want to lift your leg too?

Philosophical musings aside, this website will be an experiment for arts, design, and writing. I want to create a space to reflect on my work and share my thoughts while exploring and deconstructing things that inspire what I do. I, indeed, attempt to bring order out of chaos.

Here are some brief, informal facts about me: Studied architectural design in college; ended up with a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and Design; founded Cenarios, LLC., a Marketing Communications firm; went to film school; finished my first feature film script Blood Snow.

I'm currently working as freelance graphic designer, photographer, copy writer, and creative director. If you're interested in collaboration for your next creative project, please drop me a line.

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